Fun and Bullets

Fun and Bullets 1.06

Fun and Bullets is a funny arkanoid game set in the American Wild West
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Fun and Bullets is a funny arkanoid game set in the American Wild West. In the role of a cowboy, your objective is to tear down Indian settlements while they are sleeping. To do that, using a paddle and a billiards ball, you have to aim and shoot, so as to destroy all the bricks and items in the scene. You need to carefully move the mouse to control the paddle while not letting the ball fall, otherwise you will lose a life. In the gamefield you will find all sorts of things to destroy, from farm animals and crop, to exotic items and zombies. Some of the items you hit will give you power ups and objects that can modify things for a while. For example, the magnet, whose effect lasts a few seconds, will attract the ball, reducing chances for it to fall. Other power ups will expand the pad, speed up the ball, and even multiply it turning the game into a real mess, to the extent that you may lose sight of the balls. On the other hand, some of the items can have negative effects, as speeding down the ball, or reducing its size, but these may be hard to identify at first.
The game has three levels of difficulty and every new round presents a totally different and trickier scene to overcome, with new obstacles and challenges.
With nice graphics and some lovely country tunes, this is a game that proposes a very dynamic gameplay, with lots of action going on, and a humorous atmosphere that players will enjoy a lot.

Mariel Rearte
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  • Nice graphics and tunes
  • Humorous scenes


  • Some minor graphical glitches
  • A bit violent
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